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Reasons for Enclosing your Pool:

Having a pool can be an amazing thing! Just think of all the summer fun you’ve already had in it. By enclosing your pool, you can continue having your fun on days when the weather is less than desirable as the seasons change. 

These are just a handful of more reasons why you should enclose your pool. See for yourself if you could benefit from them.

1. Dirt be gone.

Fall, winter, spring, and summer — year-round, there will always be outside elements that fly around in the air and can end up in your pool. When you enclose a pool, you keep it protected from unwanted particles such as dirt, leaves, and dust. 

2. Quality enhancer.

Enclosing a pool enhances its water quality and protects it from getting damaged.

3. Accident avoider.

When a pool is open and unsupervised 24/7, accidents may occur. Small children and animals can fall in and get hurt or even worse, drown. Enclosing a pool helps prevent such accidents and improve pool safety.

4. Year-round fun! Maximizing pool use = maximizing your pool investment.

Our retractable pool enclosures, low, medium, or high enclosure designs, help keep pool water warm and bad weather out. These types of enclosures allow you to enjoy your pool all year long.



5. A penny saved is a penny earned.

When you add an enclosure, you’ll enjoy the following savings:

• Reduced cleaning costs by keeping dirt, leaves, and debris out of your pool and off the patio.
• Better water quality and reduced amounts of water treatment chemicals.
• No need for opening and closing your pool each year.
• High solar efficiency results in lower heating costs.
• Reduced evaporation loss.

6. Unparalleled protection.

Our enclosures are a pool protector and people protector all in one. In addition to protecting your pool from debris, as mentioned above, they protect people from harmful UV radiation (our enclosures are UV protected).

Added Value

  • The polycarbonate panels act like a greenhouse. Direct exposure to the sun’s rays or, on cloudy days, the effect of diffused rays warms the air within the enclosure. At night or on cooler days the heat of the enclosed atmosphere is gradually lost.
  • At the start of the season the water temperature in an unheated pool rises a bit each day when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The water temperature also rises on cloudy days even when there is no direct sun.
  • Evaporation of water from the pool leads to loss of heat. Depending on the temperature difference between the water and the air  many gallons of water may be lost each day. With an enclosure, the water surface is isolated from the external atmosphere, which slows down the evaporation from the pool. (Technically speaking, the thermal gradient is decreased.)  This saves money by using less water and less heat.
  • An effective additional method of reducing water evaporation is to spread a solar bubble or foam covers over the water surface. Solar bubbles directly exposed to sun and frost are not durable and become dirty easily. But when they are used under an enclosure they perform their function very well. The combination of a bubble or a foam enclosure is a highly successful way of reducing water heating costs.
  • The use of a suitable heat retention cover is strongly recommended to reduce evaporation, which is the cause of condensation.
  • If you get too warm inside, just slide the movable segments back and in a few moments you will be swimming in the open air.




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